VSTs business objective is to provide its clients the best independent online verification test platform available. We started verifying SFPs/optic transceivers because of the large numbers of non-authentic units flooding the market place. The high quality non-authentic transceivers were incredibly difficult to identify by visual inspection alone. We created VST to protect supply chain customers by making product assurance inexpensive and real-time, while making it so difficult and expensive for counterfeiters to get products through our online verification test platform services, that supplying non-authentic products would no longer be a financially lucrative business.



If you are a manufacturer with concerns about your product being modified or counterfeited, contact VST about the new v5.0 SDK (Software Developer Kit).  This new "manufacturer authenticity development capability" allows a couple of effective options to help mitigate the threat of such an intrusion into your revenue stream and devaluation of your brand, while providing a new competitive advantage. 

  1. The first option is you can work with VST, under the umbrella of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), to create and implement online tests that will be available over the cloud service via VST’s online test platform.  
  2. The second option is to design your own tests, run them on your servers and control the intellectual property and access to your testing procedures completely.  The private verification tests can now be implemented over the Internet via the cloud-based VST assurance platform.  This will allow you to add specific tests that will help protect your equipment, brand, and reputation while keeping your testing process secret to everyone outside of your organization, including VST.  

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