VST can provide authentication services for IT Hardware resellers, IT Hardware wholesalers, IT Hardware distributors, and end users focused on network security.
  • If you have a shipment seized by Customs Border Protection (CBP), VST can obtain a sample unit and verify the authenticity and provide a report of the analysis.
  • If IT Hardware resellers and wholesalers have a single incident involving counterfeit or non-authentic network hardware, it can permanently damage their reputation.
  • The VST online verification assurance service enables resellers/wholesalers to source hardware at the best price, while reducing the threat of unknowingly delivering non-authentic products.
  • Improve your QC process by adding VST-Assurance® Service and contribute to the removal of counterfeit network hardware from the supply channel.
  • Quickly resolve a dispute between any 2 parties regarding the authenticity of network hardware.
  • If a dispute escalates into a legal showdown or indictment, there is the option of having the test results presented by our court recognized expert witness in any contested proceeding, whether civil, criminal, or administrative. (Sample Verification and Sample Failure reports)
  • VST-Assurance™ service can provide a neutral opinion about questionable network hardware to your clients, prospective clients, suppliers, end users, and law enforcement.
  • Create a defensible position should a legal challenge occur.
  • After products are tested with VST's online verification service, all of the relevant technical information is stored in a secure global database that also scans across all previous tests identifying duplicated devices.
  • Declare zero tolerance for counterfeit hardware to your suppliers, clients, and law enforcement.

Below are the line items that can currently be tested with the VST-Assurance® Service online verification system. The other line items can be tested in house or onsite at this time and will be added to the online verification system soon. There is also a list of the line items that are currently in research and development.

Line Items that are currentlty available for verification using VST-Assurance® Service:

* Short of factory based destructive bill-of-material testing, no test in the field is 100% accurate. Efforts are in place to continually improve the number of tests and the depth/accuracy of testing on each item. Visual testing needs to be combined with and compared to VST electronic testing. The combination is your most important weapon in the fight against counterfeit products.

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